Faces of Studio J Pricing List


Eyelash Services                                                                                                                                                Eyelash Fill

A1. Lash Allergy Patch Test             $25 (Credit towards Lash Set)                                                              A8.  45 min                                                                              $55
A2. Non-Client Lash Removal        $50                                                                                                              A9.  60 min                                                                              $65
A3. "Mini" Set                                    $99                                                                                                              A10. 75 min                                                                              $80
A4. Full Set                                         $200                                                                                                           A11.  90 min                                                                             $95
A5. Volume Half Set                         (Coming Soon)                                                                                         A12. Add-on Hydrating Under Eye Gel Pad treatment  $5
A6. Volume Diva Set                        (Coming Soon)
A7. Lower Lash Set                           (Coming Soon)

Makeup Services
B1. Glam Makeup                              $55
B2. Bridal Makeup                            $200 (Trial included)
B3. Bridesmaids                                $85
B4. Mother of the Bride/Groom    $85
B5. Strip Lash                                    $15
B6. Add-on: Airbrush                      $30
B7. Tatto0 Cover                               $15