Faces of Studio J EyeLashes

Faces of Studio J offers the best eyelash extensions in Wesley Chapel. They make you look and feel fantastic without damaging your natural eyelashes. We use only the finest products from Xtreme Lashes. The health and quality of your eyelashes are our highest priority. Our extremely delicate, single lash approach allows us to say we have the best lash technique in Wesley Chapel. We can provide the effect you want, from natural looking to extremely dramatic lashes. The beauty industry is booming with the hottest way to look “casually gorgeous”. Today, confident women know eyelash extension are a must-have beauty service. Without having to put on mascara or using damaging strip lashes, you can have beautiful lashes all the time. Using our eyelash technicians professional service guarantees you will be looking your best every morning.


Affordable and Convenient Appointments Await

There’s no greater freedom for a busy woman than waking up, getting dressed, and walking out the door to start her day. And that’s the luxuriously simple lifestyle you can grow accustomed to after a lash stylist from the Faces of Studio J has applied your lightweight and comfortable semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The extra time you would have spent painstakingly washing away your sleepy raccoon eyes (despite what you thought was a thorough cleansing the night before), then curling your eyelashes and applying enough coats of mascara to look alive first thing in the morning, could be allocated toward a longer workout, more quality time with your kids, or 10 precious extra minutes of sleep. But perhaps the true beauty of your longer and thicker lashes from our Wesley Chapel Studio is the convenience — you can schedule your appointment early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends.



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Pump up the Volume

Volume lashes are multiple strands of lightweight lash extensions, bound together at the base and placed on each of your own natural lashes to create a multi-dimensional look customized to your eye shape, and style. From classic beauty to all-out-glam, our newest lashes are sure to amaze. Get that full-volume, dense lash line you crave. Ideal for those with sparse lashes, these beauties are longer lasting and so lightweight you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Paired with our patented styles, Volume Lashes make everyday glam effortless. So it’s no surprise they’re already in high demand.



We use high-quality products from many of the top brands. Below you can see a list of different products that we use and sell.

Xtreme Lashes provides us with very high end products that we use on our clients.